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“D.C. NoMa is the hip, smart center of the nations’s capital with free outdoor WiFi, terrific walkability, a slew of transit options, and a lengthy stretch of the Metropolitan Branch Trail” ~ Noma Bid

About Noma

This is who we are and what we do

This unique coliving experience is conveniently located near the vibrant NoMa neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Washington, DC, 395 Virginia and the BW Parkway to Maryland. Your new home would be just minutes from Union Station (0.4 miles) and Union Market (the epicenter of DC’s gourmet scene). Also, conveniently located near Gallaudet University and the new Headquarters for National Public Radio. NoMa residents are young, enjoy living, luxury and excellent customer service! Our goal is to appeal directly to this target market by offering a living accommodation that is affordable yet luxurious.

Why Co-living?

Co-living isn’t just about sharing space and saving on the high cost of living, it is an opportunity for like-minded people to embrace the natural synergy that’s lost when living alone. More now than ever, our busy work schedules and the technology held in our palms have given us the illusion of being connected, but in reality, we are far removed from connecting with our neighbors and peers. The co-living concept is not for everyone but everything for others.


Co-living is growing across
the world.

United States

There are 60+ co-living communities in the United States.


26NY has 10 beautiful
private rooms.


There’s only one 26NY
– one of a kind.